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13 Responses to LDS (Mormon) Links

  1. Dennis Workman says:

    It’s nice to have a home page that I can trust.Thank you for your work.

  2. Sharon says:

    It is very nice

    Please could you make the back ground another color, light tan or power blue, green etc

    The white is so hard on my eyes and you are my home page.

    I have shared your website with many others.

    Thank you for all your hard work.


    • Allen says:

      Hi Sharon,

      The old version was a traditional web site, and I had full control over everything. This new version is using WordPress, and I have less control over some things. I figured out how to change the screen background, but I haven’t found out how to change the page background. I’ll keep working on the problem. WordPress has a nice forum, and if I can’t find the answer myself, I’ll take the problem to the forum.

      Thanks, Sharon, for telling others about the website.

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you Allen

    That blue you have now in your reply is easy on the eyes.

    I found another site I don’t if you have it or if it is a pro site yet.

  4. Dennis Workman says:

    Hey Allen,
    I’m old enough to remember when we wrote on papyrus and really got excited about a crayon the size of a pine tree. <;-} It mattereth not to me what color the background is just keep up the good work.

    • Sharon says:

      I am so please to hear you have good vision Dennis I had cataract surgery done and need to where sunglasses out doors at all time to protect the retinas.

  5. Sharon says:

    I was looking for this link Allen maybe I missed it…:)

  6. Dennis says:

    OH boy. Sorry about your eye surgery. No offense intend just old man entusiaism.

  7. Jackey Worden says:

    Finally a place on the internet where all, or at least a lot, of the Mormon websites are put together.

    Bless you for your good work!

  8. Asteamer Mopsad says:

    A friend of mine was telling me of his fulfillment and spiritual satisfaction by being LDS. I can see that he is happy and his sharing to me is a sort of a touching invite to know more about this belief. The link Testify! Why I am LDS made me understand the Faith, Glory and from the presented scriptures there, my understanding had become better. Thank your for having to share this link! I am going to browse and read a little more.

  9. Keywords Tools says:

    I find this blog interesting, especially to those religious people who are still confused on understanding their religion and for those people who are still confused if which religion should they take. This could help the public a lot.

  10. Thanks for another informative site. The place else could I am getting that
    kind of info written in such an ideal way? I’ve a project that I am just now running on, and I have been on the look out for such info.

  11. Ann says:

    I have ldsgateway as my homepage and find it so convenient for quick access to all the top lds sites. Thank you for providing such an excellent service.

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